26 Jun

How to define your target market (and get inside their heads)

Are you a new business owner and is asking yourself what product or service you should offer to your market? To understanding how your business can deliver the greatest value to your customers and prospects, the key is defining your target market. You will serve your customers much better if you can group them together by specific needs and wants.

Meanwhile, before we determine who your target market is, you first should know the definition of your target market. Your target market is simply your main subset of customers that have a similar set of wants and needs. Even if you haven’t fully defined these needs, you most likely have a very good idea of your main target market. It can be large or small, but size is not important and your ability to define the needs of the customers within the market is critical.

To know who your target customers are, you should first know your niche. A niche is simply the service or product you specialize in providing your target and niche markets. Your niche can be offered to your target market as well as any definable niche.

Marketing is important. However, without properly defining your target market, marketing will not be a success. Continue reading at: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/marketing/business-marketing/defining-your-target-market

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